Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, it was nice of you to ask. I have been doing roughly the same thing I have always been doing, just being too lazy to post.

In the last few months I have:

Found out that the wife is expecting again.
Taken my 2 year old to his first air show.
Decided that my 9 month old daughter cannot ever have too many clothes.

Bought a new (to me) .22 rifle
Participated in my first steel plate action match
Joined a private shooting range
Bought an AK parts kit (should be here any day)

Also, I have discovered that my 9 year old son is a way better shot than his old man.

Details on some of these to follow.


Jay G said...

Congrats on the impending bundle of joy!

CTone said...

Congrats on the baby news!

Little poop machines are the greatest!