Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part VII

Century International Arms were showing off some of their wares.

Cobra Firearms had some of their pocket pistols on display.
Here are some of their revolvers, in color!
And some of their more feminine colors. I keep threatening to get my wife something in purple.

Cam from Cam and Company was on the air when I walked by. Got to talk with him for a few minutes, he is a pretty nice guy.

This booth was right behind the NRA booth. It is a company called Technoframes. They make these nice looking pistol display boxes as well as some really nice clear ammo boxes. I got distracted by talking with Cam and didn't get a shot of them.

SAMCO Global Arms had some of their milsurp guns on display.
And they had what I thought was an anti-tank weapon but it is actually a Swiss M/41 rangefinder for artillery. This thing would be great for someone that had a lot of open land.

Here is the Aimpoint booth. I have got to get me one of these.
The only real booth babe I saw. Probably because it was Sunday afternoon and the rest had already left.
Couple of their pistol red dots.

The Springfield Armory booth. Here you can see a stainless steel Loaded 1911. This will probably be my next pistol purchase.
More SA guns.
Here is a shot of a couple XD .45s

Colt had a 1911 with a rail on display.
Couple of pictures of the Colt 100th anniversary guns.

There was a giveaway for a Lone Ranger getup. Man these were nice looking shootin irons.

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