Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part VI

OK, sorry about the delay in posting. Finishing finals was a bit rough.

First up we have the FNH booth:

Couple of FNARs
Here Tasha Hanish gives us a smile. She is part of the FNH shooting team.
Here is a Five-seveN pistol. Nice looking pistols but I am still not sold on the practicality of the round.
Couple of nice pics of SCARs. It amazed me how many times people would get in front of the camera when I was trying to take a picture.
Here are some FS2000s

Here is a couple of shots of the Browning booth. First up some Citori's, shotguns that I reckon I will never be able to afford.
Then some of the Vincis
And a nice shot of some Buckmarks. I really like these little pistols. I just wish they didn't come with a golden trigger.

Next up is the Armalite booth. Some of their evil black rifles.
And an AR50. This guy looked like he was contemplating doing evil things to the neighborhood dog that keeps using his lawn.

Winchester had some of their SX3 shotguns on display.
Then they had some nice engraved lever guns. Sorry about the glare on the first one.

ATI had some of their stocks on display in their booth.

Here is some of the stuff from SOG Armory.

The Saber Defense booth. The lady in the background looks like she was incredibly tired and ready for the show to end. Since it was in the afternoon Sunday by this time, I cant really blame her.

HS Precision had their booth there. I didn't get a chance to ask them about being endorsed by a murderer.

Hi-Standard had some of their pistols on display. I don't think that this is the same iteration of the company that made the 1950's era rifles I own.

Nordic Components had a couple of their uppers on display.

More coming soon.

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