Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part V

First up we have the NAA booth. Below are some of their revolvers. To the top right is their Black Widow with a 4 inch barrel.
Here are some of the NAA Guardians in .380. They look really nice with wooden grips.

Charter Arms was showing off some of their colored revolvers. My wife is tolerant of my shooting interests but she isn't a gun nut. I keep threatening to buy her a pink or purple gun to get her interested. I really think one of these would be really nice for that purpose.

Some of the new Hi-Point offerings. As ugly as these look, I have never actually talked to someone that had their Hi-Point break on them.

A shot of the Steyr Mannlicher booth.

Berry's Manufacturing had a nice table set up full of some nice and shiny reloading goodness.

A couple of shots of the incredible looking Bison Bull Revolvers. As magnificent as these things look, I am afraid that I would shatter my hand the first time I fired one.

LRB Arms was showing off one of their M-14s. These guys make receivers for you to build you own rifle's on. Having built an AK from a parts kit, this is an interesting idea.

A few shots here from the American Tactical Imports booth. Now, I do understand the look and feel of these guns. I just cannot justify the cost. No matter how hard I try to think about it, these things are still $600 .22 rifles.

Ka-Bar Knives had a few nicely priced blades. Too bad my wife wouldn't let me spend anymore that weekend.

Alexander Arms was showing off some really nice camouflage jobs on some of their rifles.

Benchmade Knives had a pretty nice display. I carried a Benchmade for a number of years, I still regret loosing that thing.

Anschutz had some of their air rifles on display. These things are Olympic quality and their price reflects that.

Finally, the Browning booth. First up some of the Citori shotguns. These are shotguns that I likely will never be able to afford.
Next up are some of the Buckmarks. These are great little .22 pistols but I just cant get over the gold trigger.

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