Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part V

First up we have the NAA booth. Below are some of their revolvers. To the top right is their Black Widow with a 4 inch barrel.
Here are some of the NAA Guardians in .380. They look really nice with wooden grips.

Charter Arms was showing off some of their colored revolvers. My wife is tolerant of my shooting interests but she isn't a gun nut. I keep threatening to buy her a pink or purple gun to get her interested. I really think one of these would be really nice for that purpose.

Some of the new Hi-Point offerings. As ugly as these look, I have never actually talked to someone that had their Hi-Point break on them.

A shot of the Steyr Mannlicher booth.

Berry's Manufacturing had a nice table set up full of some nice and shiny reloading goodness.

A couple of shots of the incredible looking Bison Bull Revolvers. As magnificent as these things look, I am afraid that I would shatter my hand the first time I fired one.

LRB Arms was showing off one of their M-14s. These guys make receivers for you to build you own rifle's on. Having built an AK from a parts kit, this is an interesting idea.

A few shots here from the American Tactical Imports booth. Now, I do understand the look and feel of these guns. I just cannot justify the cost. No matter how hard I try to think about it, these things are still $600 .22 rifles.

Ka-Bar Knives had a few nicely priced blades. Too bad my wife wouldn't let me spend anymore that weekend.

Alexander Arms was showing off some really nice camouflage jobs on some of their rifles.

Benchmade Knives had a pretty nice display. I carried a Benchmade for a number of years, I still regret loosing that thing.

Anschutz had some of their air rifles on display. These things are Olympic quality and their price reflects that.

Finally, the Browning booth. First up some of the Citori shotguns. These are shotguns that I likely will never be able to afford.
Next up are some of the Buckmarks. These are great little .22 pistols but I just cant get over the gold trigger.

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part IV

First up, the Choate booth. I have heard a lot of good things about their stocks but I really do not know a lot about them as I don't have a gun that would use one of their stocks.

Numrich was there. I asked the guy at the booth about how to get parts that were listed as being out of stock on their site. I asked this because I have a couple of old .22s that I have this problem with. He told me that what they do is buy out warehouses, manufacturers, dealers, gun shops and auctions. This means that they get new supplies in all the time. Also if they get enough demand for a specific part, they will actually tool up some machines and make them if they can. One thing he mentioned is that they were the ones that bought out what was left of Charles Daly. This means that it is likely that parts will be available for them for many years to come.

ISSC-Austria had some interesting products. First up are the .22lr pistols. They look and feel like Glocks though they have a slide mounted safety.

They are also selling a .22lr SCAR clone they call the MK-22. The rifle looked amazing, solidly built and felt good in my hands. The magazines are not compatible with any other brand of .22 so I was told. If I recall correctly, it comes with 3 magazines so that is a plus.

Some pointy things from the Great American Tool Company. Their website talks about the Timberline brand. Obviously they make the Snap-On brand of knives too.

VZ Grips had a really nice display. Their products are a polymer and felt really solid. They make grips for a whole array of pistols. If I had a gun that could use them, I would have picked a pair up.

US Tactical Supply had a nice looking example of their MP-MODSSS. This thing is nice looking, a modular stock system for the Remington 700. At a hefty price tag of $850, this is obviously designed for serious shooters and not your local deer hunter.

A look here at the Redding booth.

DoubleStar had some of their rifles on display.

Viridian had some of their lasers on display. Of particular interest to me was the one on this Ruger SR-9c. I have the full size SR-9 myself and this thing is perfect. It is not only a green laser but a second tap of the button on the side of the laser turns on a flash light.

Ohio Ordinance Works had some of their wares on display too. These are apparently re-manufactured historic military weapons. Below we see a nice looking ma duce.
And then a really sexy looking BAR.
Finally the back end of a SAW.

Airforce Airguns had some of their pretty stuff on display. With a MSRP of under $600, these aren't as highly priced as I would have thought.

Last up was the Olympic Arms booth.

Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part III

Ok, I am back. I apologize for the brief hiatus in posting. School comes first.

First up we have some evil black rifles from the Eotech booth:

Next up was a very interesting product from Nemesis Arms:
This is a .308 rifle that is specifically designed to break down into a backpack or briefcase. I could certainly see this being useful for people that routinely head into wilderness areas where the size of something is important. Would be a good idea to have one of these in a case on the back of an ATV for example. My understanding about the manufacturing process is that the rifle is machined specifically to make sure they pieces fit together perfectly.

Next up a couple of flashy pistols. I didn't catch who made them but they sure looked pretty cool.

Here we have a couple of shots from the Dakota Arms booth. These things are sexy and way more than I can afford.

This booth by Gum Creek Customs had an interesting idea for a vehicle holster mount. I tried to mount a nylon holster to the underside of my dash a few months ago and found that there was not enough support to hold the gun in the holster. These guys look like they have found a solution to that problem. I was pretty impressed by how sturdy this seemed, I would love to try one of these out.

JayG's favorite booth. These bayonets are more a novelty than anything else but man they are cool!!! The LaserLyte guys were quite friendly to talk with and I hear they are a great company to deal with.

Some more evil black rifles, these are from J&J Armory. The interesting thing about these rifles was the company logo that was spread across the upper and lower receivers. I asked about this and they explained that since they do not sell uppers and lowers separate but as a complete rifle, this was their way to ensure that the produce stayed together once it was sold. Their uppers and lowers are fully compatible with other AR series rifles.