Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Different, Smokier, Tastier Direction

So to anyone that still reads this thing, it is obvious that I do not post much. Frankly I dont have the passion to post regularly and often do not have the time either.

There is however one thing I do still tend to get excited enough to share with other people, BBQ.

Last fall I got me a Weber Smoky Mountain smoker and I have to say it is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. Since my purchase, I have done several pork butts, a few racks of pork ribs, a turkey (my only failure so far) and two briskets.

Tonight I will be starting another pork butt, this one is the biggest I have ever done and I will document it here. Also in the plan for the next few weeks/months are smoked chicken drumsticks, a smoked leg of lamb, a bacon explosion roll, smoked salmon fillets and more. Since I really enjoy both making and showing off these kinds of things, I will start doing so here.

I will not be removing any of my older posts but I may be changing the title and/or the URL of this blog. I also think that I will find that this helps me want to post more often about shooting related stuff as well.

So as I said, tonight I will be starting a pork butt, this one is huge, just under 12lbs. I was able to get it on sale a while back and it came out of the freezer yesterday to thaw.