Monday, February 13, 2012

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll go start the grill

Someone else bring some beer.


I am just imagining them wrapped in bacon and slow cooked over some apple wood.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FBI Makes a dynamic entry into a house with a chainsaw.

So, yet another raid on the wrong house. Yet another family terrorized. Only this one is different:
“I just happened to glance over and saw this huge chainsaw ripping down the side of my door,” she explains. “And I was freaking out. I didn’t know what was going on.” Within moments, the chainsaw had cut through most of her door, and someone on the FBI’s arrest team kicked the rest of it in.
Ya, that is right... They cut out the center of her door with a chainsaw!!!

Apparently someone thought that the best way to make a dynamic entry was to rev a chainsaw for a minute or so while they cut through the door.

Now I don't know a whole lot about door construction or chainsaw use but I have used a chainsaw a few times in my life. they are loud and they take a bit of time to cut through things.

Also, I have watched my fair share of horror films and I know that chainsaws through doors always end very badly for the people inside... I can tell you this much, I would have had an immediate fear that my life and the lives of my family were in danger and would have felt totally justified at shooting straight through the door at the person attacking my house and family with a chainsaw.