Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part I

Pictures from the show, I apologize in advance for any that don't come out well. I am not a professional even thought I act like one some times.

First up is actually the last picture I took at the convention. I took this as I was walking out to my car.

Ok here was as I walked in the hall.

Here is my kids favorite picture from the show. I wonder why...

Couple of pics from the concourse overlooking the show floor. Sorry for the glare of the flash on the glass.

First up was the new products showcase booth. This was actually on the concourse above the show floor and not on the show floor.

Here we see the new .380 offering from I.O. Inc. I believe that it looks like another Kel-tec P3AT copy. Time will tell if it is worth anything compared to the Kel-tec or the Ruger.

Also from I.O. Inc. is their PPS-43C pistol. This seems to be a new production copy of the old Russian PPS. According to the I.O. site, the design has been redone to fire from a closed bolt which will improve accuracy. The stock is non functional and permanently folded so this is a pistol. It also comes with 4 35-round magazines. It fires the Russian 7.62x25mm Tokarev round which is still available for very cheap prices. For the price it is not a bad deal at all, I will have to seriously think about picking one up.

Next up is the I.O. Inc STG2000-C. This appears to be a US made AK variant. According to the sheet next to it, it has all polymer furniture, a M-16 style muzzle break and comes with one mag. I dont see a price anywhere but I suspect that we are looking at under $500. If they can do that with a US made AK, they will do well in the market.

Here is a pic of the I.O. Inc AK-47. Looks like this one is a direct AK copy and not an improved one. All polymer furniture and comes with one mag. Again, with it being US made, I think this might do well.

Next up is the new S&W Bodyguard .38 revolver and the new Bodyguard .380 semi-auto. These both looks quite promising in the market. Looks like the .380 has a laser built into the guide rod and I don't see a lawyer lock on it. The .38 also has a laser on it and I cannot see a lock on it. Also the revolver is aluminum and steel framed not the ultra light alloys they use on some of their other revolvers.

Next up is an Archangel Manufacturing 10/22 conversion. Looks like this is a new offering in tan. I have a Tapco stock set on my 10/22 and it really helps it be manuverable as a .22lr training substitute for larger calibers.

Perhaps the most eye catching of the products I saw at the whole show was this series of Pendleton Gun Safes. This thing is so nice looking that I would want to live in in. Multiple shelves on a round center column that allows the contents to rotate around for access. Additionally the round design makes it really difficult to lay it on it's back and use prying tools to get into the door. Also the door seam is extremely tiny, making me suspect that it would be very difficult to get any kind of useful tools into it.

Finally comes what I suspect might be the biggest seller of the show. This is a product called The Rail Vise. This is a lever operated vise that grips onto any standard picatinny rail. This thing also has a magwell block, a barrel post and a rail segment so that you can mount rail mounted objects on it to work on them. The price range was under $75 and that makes me thing that it will sell very well. I am actually very excited about this product, it is a damn sight better than a wood block and a bench vise. At their table, they had also made up a wooden block to hold pistols in the vise.
I really do think that this product has a lot of promise.

Ok, that wraps up part one of the show floor pictures. There are still tons more to go so stay tuned.

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