Thursday, May 20, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part II

Finally on to the actual show floor. First of all, this floor was huge. Pictures cannot describe how massive this place was.

Ooooo shiny!!! Course I couldn't tell if this thing was a working Gatling gun or not but at that price tag it had better be a washing machine, car, fridge and mixing bowl too!!!

First up was the Auto Ordinance booth. Here we have some M1 Carbines. I am pretty sure that these are new production. For the price they are asking, you can get a surplus one from the CMP so I am not real sure that they are that great of a deal. Then again I prefer guns with a history to them when possible.

I will admit they are nice looking.

They also make new production Tommy guns. Again I would prefer a real Tommy gun but those are quite expensive and the process to get one is a real pain in the rear. These things are heavy too, takes quite a bit of arm strength to actually wield one. Apparently they are using the recent movie about Dillinger to sell these guns, I head that the movie was quite a let down.

In case you are a rap star, they have you covered too. I cannot imagine how much weight gold plating adds to an already heavy weapon though. And I would bet the price increase is a bit heavy too.

Here is the Savage Arms booth. I didn't much pay attention to this rack as it was full of stuff that they have been selling for a while. I know that Savage makes some great rifles but they don't have a lot of new products out right now.

I didn't catch what model this rifle was but since Savage isn't known for their tactical stuff, it did catch my eye.

Finally, here on the left is the new Edge series of rifles from Savage. I have been looking for a good low end deer rifle for a while now and after seeing this and getting a quote locally of just over $300, I believe that one of these in .308 will be my next rifle.

Here is a look at the Sure Fire table.

Stag Arms had a display of evil black rifles to scare all the GFWs. Course I prefer my rifles without stag heads on the side but that is a personal choice.

Next up was the Shiloh Sharps Booth. I kinda like these old buffalo guns but they are well out of my price range.

Here we have a beta mag of some sort, this one was 150rds if I recall correctly. I cant remember which booth this was.

Sadly Dillon Precision wasn't giving out free presses. I did ask and got a weak smile from the guy. Still blue is pretty.

Caspian Arms was showing off their stainless steel Glock slides. I don't have a Glock so I didn't stay long.

Nice looking rifle here at the .50 Caliber Shooters Association booth.

Bergara barrels had some shiny stuff on display.

A nice Barrett .50 here at their booth.

Phalanx Holsters were demonstrating their LASH holster. It certainly looked catchy but my first thought was that the trigger was exposed and that would be a bad thing. It appears that this holster actually stores the gun on your hip with the slide back a bit out of battery, and a some sort of tab in the chamber to prevent it from firing. This is a very odd design to see and I really think I would have to actually try it to decide if it were a good idea or not. It looks like it might be though.

That wraps up part 2, the third part will be posted soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these up! I cannot decide which I would like more (since I stand about the same chance of owning either) - a gatling that would almost put modern firepower to shame throwing a slug like that, or that beautiful octagon-barreled rifle...

And, yeah, I am not bothering with any holster that screws around wtih my slide...

Thanks again for the pictures - these posts are great for those of us who were unable to make it :).