Monday, May 10, 2010

AG Holder: AZ immigration Law Is Not Racist

Attorney General Eric Holder told me the controversial new Arizona immigration law is not racist, but he remains concerned the law could lead to racial profiling. In my “This Week” interview, Holder said, “I don't think it's racist in its motivation. But I think the concern I have is how it will be perceived and how it perhaps could be enacted, how it could be carried out. I think we could potentially get on a slippery slope where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done, and that is I think something that we have to try to avoid at all costs.”

Holder added that immigration is a national problem and “a state-by-state solution to it is not the way in which we ought to go.”

There is a video and transcript of the interview at the link. Apparently the law isn't as bad as those on the left are making it out to be.

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