Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 NRA Convention - Show Floor Part III

Ok, I am back. I apologize for the brief hiatus in posting. School comes first.

First up we have some evil black rifles from the Eotech booth:

Next up was a very interesting product from Nemesis Arms:
This is a .308 rifle that is specifically designed to break down into a backpack or briefcase. I could certainly see this being useful for people that routinely head into wilderness areas where the size of something is important. Would be a good idea to have one of these in a case on the back of an ATV for example. My understanding about the manufacturing process is that the rifle is machined specifically to make sure they pieces fit together perfectly.

Next up a couple of flashy pistols. I didn't catch who made them but they sure looked pretty cool.

Here we have a couple of shots from the Dakota Arms booth. These things are sexy and way more than I can afford.

This booth by Gum Creek Customs had an interesting idea for a vehicle holster mount. I tried to mount a nylon holster to the underside of my dash a few months ago and found that there was not enough support to hold the gun in the holster. These guys look like they have found a solution to that problem. I was pretty impressed by how sturdy this seemed, I would love to try one of these out.

JayG's favorite booth. These bayonets are more a novelty than anything else but man they are cool!!! The LaserLyte guys were quite friendly to talk with and I hear they are a great company to deal with.

Some more evil black rifles, these are from J&J Armory. The interesting thing about these rifles was the company logo that was spread across the upper and lower receivers. I asked about this and they explained that since they do not sell uppers and lowers separate but as a complete rifle, this was their way to ensure that the produce stayed together once it was sold. Their uppers and lowers are fully compatible with other AR series rifles.


Anonymous said...

Click-to-make-big fail ;).

That said, thanks for putting these up, again... Definitely helps for those who could not make it!

Chris said...

Yeah, for some reason the cutting and pasting I did with the images took out the click to make big part. Let me know if anyone wants bigger copies of the ones in that post.