Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NRA 2010 Convention Blogger Meetup Part II

Part two of the blogger meet up dinner photos. Again if I put a ? mark in place of your name, let me know who you are and I will update the post.

JayG takes a photo of the ever lovely Breda.

Alan Gura talks shop with xqrl.

Here you can see Scott, Michael Bane and his producer Marshal.

MikeW, Alan, JayG and Weer'd Beard talk with Lars from the NRA.

MikeW looks on as JayG and Breda talk to Pete Brownell.

MikeW, Weer'd Beard and Breda look on as JayG shows Pet Brownell how they shakes hands in MA.

The music in the restaurant got loud so we went outside. In the back, Caleb talks to Scott and a couple of others. In the front we have JayG, Caleb's Wife, pdb and facing away from the camera is MikeW.

Here we have Alan, Breda, Unix-Jedi and JayG.

What's this? Trouble brewing? Joe Huffman, Alan Gura and Uncle are about to get into some apparently.

Yup, here it starts, but what are they up to?

Turns out they are having an iPhone light saber fight.

And the winner, Alan Gura takes down another challenger.

Here Alan Gura rests after a hard fought battle, Uncle starts looking for a way to appeal his defeat to the Supreme Court.

Turns out Breda and JayG have a love child!

Awww, I think Breda looks cute with a baby in her arms. JayG cant figure out why there is no beard on the baby.

Uncle comes over and asks JayG and Breda if he will be getting visitation rights.
Caleb again.

At some point this guy comes by and sketches Caleb and his wife on a iPad. Yes that is an iPad. I suppose it is lighter and smaller than a paper pad and pencils. When he was done, he emailed the sketch to their phones.
Unix-Jedi, Joe Huffman and Newbius chat it up.

Weer'd Beard and MikeW chat with Alan. As you can see, it is late and Alan has had a few.
That is it for the meet up. Next up will be the first of many posts from the convention itself.

I had a great time and am incredibly grateful for how welcoming everyone was. Thanks to Breda for getting this together.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for putting up these pictures!

Weer'd Beard said...

? in the Grey talking with Gura is however you pronounce this

(I've heard it sounds something like "Jeff")

More great shots, thanks!

Mike W. said...

Great pictures Chris!

Thanks for posting em'.