Monday, May 10, 2010

Local Activism Works

A few weeks ago, local gunnies started noticing that a big grocery store chain, Harris Teeter, had started to post the signs you see below.

This of course started a campaign of people going in, speaking to the manager and telling them exactly why they were no longer shopping at their stores. This also led to many of them sending emails to the corporate office.

Here in NC, these signs carry the weight of law and you can be arrested for not obeying them. It isn't enough that you just get asked to leave when a business owner wants you to not carry, but it is an actual crime not to obey these signs.

Today comes word from that the have reversed their policy.
Thank you for reaching out to our company with your comments. We understand your concerns and will begin removing signs from our stores this week.


Catherine Reuhl
Communication Specialist
Harris Teeter
701 Crestdale Road
Matthews, NC 28105
704/844-3904 - w
704/957-0744 - c

Citizen activism works and it works well!!!

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