Monday, May 17, 2010

NRA 2010 Convention Blogger Meetup Part I

As promised, here are some pictures from the blogger meet up on Saturday night. Please note, I met a lot of people this past weekend. If you are in a picture and I do not list your name/blog, let me know and I will make corrections as quickly as possible. If I dont remember your name I put a ? there as a place holder.

First up is one of Breda showing us what it looks like to sneak under pdb's armpit.

Next up, we have one of the few pictures of Caleb (Black shirt) being calm that exists on the interwebs, his lovely wife is next to him. Also in the picture are: Joe Huffman (white shirt), Larry Weeks from Brownells (dark shirt and glassess in the right corner) and Marshal Halloway, the producer for Michael Bane's show (tan hat, bottom right corner).

Next up, from left to right: Uncle, Alan Gura and Michael Bane. Both Alan Gura and Michael Bane were wonderful to all of us and easy to talk to. Alan Gura is incredibly smart and stunningly easy to hang out with.

Here we have the three Alans: Alan Gottlieb, Alan (SnarkyBytes) and Alan Gura.
Here you can see Caleb (black shirt) demonstrating a tactical beer grab. Sebastian looks on from a few seats down (dark blue shirt and glasses) to the right in the green shirt is Scott.

Alan Gottlieb takes advice on shirt selection from Michael Bane.
Alan and Weer'd Beard discuss the finer points of shaving.

JayG prepares to hand over his car keys after Alan Gura explains to him that massive amounts of road rage are clearly unconstitutional.

Uncle and Wei:

JayG still growling about horrible traffic. Alan Gura, Weer'd Beard and Newbius look on.
Caleb toasts with his water, everyone else has a good laugh at him. In the foreground is his wife. Behind him to the left is Joe Huffman, on the right in the blue shirt with glasses on is Sebastian, in the green shirt is Scott.
Michael Bane and the husband of NancyR laugh it up. In the background is MikeW, Weer'd Beard and Alan Gura.

In the far background Alan shows a picture to JayG. Also in the photo, Alan Gottlieb, Joe Huffman, Caleb and Scott.
Sebastian realizes that his beard is far shorter than JayG's
Another one of the crowd, MikeW is on the left in the hat.

Michael Bane and his producer Marshal sit down for some salad. I am sure Michael will send this picture to his "sweetie" so she can see proof that he is being healthy while away from her.

When Larry Weeks comes over, Caleb tries to steal some of Michael Bane's salad.

Another shot of the crowd.

Breda discusses her under-armpit sneaking skills with pdb.

Alan Gura, Alan Gottlieb and Uncle. I think I annoyed them with my flash, sorry guys.
Anyways, that is the first post of the dinner meet. There is one more then I can get on with the photos of the show itself.


Weer'd Beard said...

Oh man, Great pictures! I didn't bring my camera to that event, and part of me regrets it, but then again there were so many awesome people to talk to, I wouldn't have taken many snaps anyway.

FYI The Asian dude, is Wai (I believe he comments under OrangeNeck or something) and the big dude in the Red is Newbius, Both hang at the conspiracy

Thanks for the shots, I may have to steal a few of them.

Scott McCray said...

I'm the old fat guy in the green shirt!


Chris said...

Ok, changes made. Feel free to use the photos so long as you link em back to me and/or give me credit.

OrangeNeck said...

Thanks Weer'd. It'll be "OrangeNeck" from now on, since I started my own blog. Gonna be putting up a post shortly too.

Mike W. said...

Excellent pics Chris. Thanks!